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Q1. The installation of the solar system. Can reduce the electricity bill or not.

          Answer photovoltaic system for electricity for internal use. Can actually reduce electricity In the case of industries that use large amounts of electricity. To breakeven as soon as the plant with the cold. Solar cells produce electricity by solar energy during the day, instead of using electricity from the utility, but if that is the case with electricity, household access to the house then. Not recommended to install the solar system for use within the home. Because the solar system is still expensive compared to buying electricity from the electricity itself. The exception was the sale of electricity to the utility.

Q2. The installation of solar power to let you know?

          Answers to install photovoltaic systems will have to inform the Electricity know. Currently, the government has encouraged the installation of solar systems. To reduce energy consumption from oil or coal, which cause environmental problems. Electricity prices are likely to move much higher. Therefore, the installation of photovoltaic systems for electricity for consumption in order to reduce the fire or to sell electricity back to the utility. Must apply for a permit basis. By devices that Should quality and standards, such as inverters. Must be certified by the Electricity Authority, or MEA.

Q3. Question 300 watt panel, specify the size that means.

          Answer 300 W panel means the manufacturer has already performed test at 25C, light intensity in 1000 and 800 W / m2, the intensity distribution of the radiation spectrum according to IEC 60904-3 panel that will have the capacity. Lights out 300W.

Q4. แผงเซลล์แสงอาทิตย์นั้น มี มอก. หรือไม่

          Answers solar panels are TIS., Divided into two categories.

  •    Type crystalline solar panels Which is certified ISO. 1843.
  •    Type thin-film solar panels Which is certified ISO. 2210.

                   The solar panel on the breast. The panel will be produced in Thailand.

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